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  • Arlington

    This poem is dedicated to all who serve and have served in our country’s military forces--he US of A--their families, friends and comrades in arms. Men like Mike, wherever they’re laid.

    ARLINGTON: Who Lie at Rest

    'Home is the sailor, home from sea,

    and the hunter home from the hill.'

    robert louis stevenson

    'A thousand words,' I heard them say
    'a picture’s worth, like these portray,'
    no words can grace
    no tribute pay,
    this hallowed place,
    no debt can weigh.

    Tears of sorrow
    are shed at grave
    there's no tomorrow,
    tombs of the brave.

    Pain cannot hide
    death cannot fade,
    the swell of pride
    for mem'ries made.

    a passage in time;
    no words can rhyme
    to capture the peace,
    of silence so deep,
    for wars do not cease
    and time does not sleep.

    Here lie 58,299 stout hearted men
    and eight gallant women
    once more,
    a community again.
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