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    The world's full of misunderstandings.
    Our psyches are bruised, seared and sore.
    But we can change this if we try to:
    lay a new welcome mat at your door.

    We don't like those whom we think diff'rent;
    we've mastered both envy and hate.
    But we can change this if we're patient:
    lay the welcome mat down at your gate.

    We think that most others are lesser;
    this point is too hard to ignore.
    But we can change this if we try to:
    lay that warm welcome mat at your door.

    We know that we're really all equal;
    we're made from the same lump of clay.
    So let's come together in kindness:
    lay that worn welcome mat at your gate.

    If we’d make attempts to be open,
    we’d start to have meaningful chats.
    We’d each know the joy of a new friend
    when we put out a welcoming mat.

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    Your poem is moving in that I plan to purchase and put out a new welcoming mat at my front door because I'm ashamed to say mine is worn out and ragged! Perhaps I can find one that reminds and encourages me to leave my own ego at the door (...easier said than done, oh well!) I think your poem has a nice balance of rhythm and rhyme, as well as word choice, conveying, literally, an important concept. And from a more figurative standpoint, I'm interpreting another important aspect: Your welcome mat, to me, serves as a metaphor for "friendly behavior" that ideally should be expected and practiced in any community, i.e., soft and gentle eye contact, along with a genuine smile when appropriate! I'm on board! Thank you! Have a nice day!


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      Great incorporation of the theme. Good luck on the contest.