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    A poem about the wisdom of concealment.
    I have to say, this one came out a lot stranger than my usual writing, and that's saying a lot.

    Read of mountains, tall and black.
    Read of things your life will lack.
    Read your way to the moon and back,
    But careful, read no further.

    Read enough to know your place.
    A parrot’s mouth and a plastic face.
    Read two poems just in case,
    But after, read no further.

    Read enough to postulate,
    That one should never know one’s fate,
    Read the minds of all up to age eight.
    But at nine, read no further.

    Read the rhymes and feel the beat.
    Revel in your own deceit.
    If you think you’ll ever be complete,
    ‘Tis light to be naïve.
    Read no further.

    For never in our history,
    Has man conceived the perfect scheme.
    But even this is wrong you see,
    And if you wish it wasn’t, read no further.

    Behind each layer is another,
    Twice as ugly as its mother.
    That which nourishes also can smother.
    So for heaven’s sake, I beg you, read no further.

    You read but you don’t understand.
    Synecdoche and sleight of hand.
    Your mind is blank and the text seems bland.
    But induction of ideas can transcend even the meaning of the words within this land,
    And I induce that you read no further.

    Read no further.

    Read no further!

    Oh woe be upon the soul who reads this far,
    By the time they are through they will see only stars.
    Fear the approaching lines of irreversible scars!

    It is simply an act.
    Those who think they are wise are just selfish but tact.
    There are secrets all around us in the eyes of our rulers but their corneas remain intact.
    They spin us a beautiful cube when society is a tesseract.

    But help us keep these secrets, for keep them we must.
    If all are enlightened, we’ll all bite the dust.
    Not many a soul can appreciate our lust.
    There is more, but of that, on paper, in words, you shall read no further.

  • #2
    I read further.
    Bring on the strange, I say.
    Synecdoche and tesseract: I doff my cowpat hat
    to that.