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  • Rainbow

    An arch of colors formed in the sky in certain circumstances, caused by the refraction and dispersion of the sun's light by rain or other water droplets in the atmosphere.
    -Oxford Dictionary

    Different faces
    All different races
    Come together for absolute greatness

    It’s that new era
    Drowned with temptation
    Durations filled with astonishing creations
    The next generation making changes day by days
    Straight courageous
    May be very contagious

    All having one common goal
    Ready to take control
    Down a stroll of what a true community looks like
    Kind of like a rainbow
    Standing in unity
    Willing to take
    The next step to curiosity lane

    That has fearlessness stamped on our brains
    Straight confidence, style, class and edge
    Which gives us the ultimate sketch

    Eyes to set trends
    Having this society blend
    Finally standing as one
    All having equal opportunities
    While we befriend
    In this tragic pathway
    Of radioactive decay

    --Quiana Lashea

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    Qui'Shea and at the end of this rainbow is your pot of gold poetic gem. Top of the queue!


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      It's fine! If I had your talent, I really admire what you wrote