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  • Connections

    I held the plug
    To the cyber world
    The world of code
    Connected drones

    The drones they talked
    Not face to face
    From far away
    In Cyberspace

    They're together
    and yet alone
    For naught but code
    Connects the drone

    I thought, what if
    I pulled the plug
    And cyberworld
    Became undone?

    Mayhem, panic
    Would ensue
    Terror, horror
    This I knew

    But something sad
    Would soon unfold
    For code is what
    Connects the world

    Families united
    By a piece of code
    Friends together
    Not all are drones

    A unity that comes
    From text and a screen
    From sending words
    Through a machine

    People connected
    Through gear and wire
    Writers collaborate
    Artists aspire

    So I put the plug down
    Plugged in and connected
    And joined the new union
    That we have erected

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    I'm enjoying your sentiment as I glance at this list of forum participants, many of whom must have also surrendered to and embraced technological advancements!! The unquantifiable connections, not to mention reconnections, created by the ever-evolving technological opportunities are mind boggling to me. Clear incorporation of the theme in a more contemporary manner -- along with a solid pulse.


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      Thanks! I am continually blown away at how much technology keeps advancing. I must say that my community would be a whole lot smaller without my laptop and some Wi-Fi! XD