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  • Easy Chair

    I watch the news, I see there's war;
    the plund'ring, raping I ignore.
    The world can rot and I won't care;
    I'm sitting in my easy chair.

    The world is full of tragedy
    but what the heck is that to me?
    At starving people I can stare
    when sitting in my easy chair.

    You think I'm helping? What a joke!
    I've got a beer and my remote!
    The world’s a mess. Should I despair?
    I'm safe here in my easy chair.

    You say you want me to assist?
    I take the path that least resists.
    Some time and effort I can't spare;
    I'm busy in my easy chair.

    There’s slav'ry, porn, disease and drugs
    and parents selfish with their hugs.
    Recruit some famous millionaire –
    I'm comfy in my easy chair.

    My life has had its share of pain;
    why should I give the world my aid?
    I’m good at being unaware –
    I'll not move from my easy chair.

    You want more money for your cause?
    So what - you think I'm Santa Clause?
    I gave two bucks, that's more than fair,
    just leave me to my easy chair.

    Benevolence just ain't my thing.
    Make altruism your brass ring.
    Those troubled people have no prayer;
    I'm staying in my easy chair.

    You’re sick of crime and child abuse?
    Then put your own self in their shoes.
    You want these global ills repaired?
    Get out of your damned easy chair.

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    Steve Lyles, I think Easy Chair is great! I like the way you write, with each stanza mentioning that easy chair that it's so tempting to sink into and blot out the world! And, of course, the last stanza, the forceful one, is the best! Thanks! Monica


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      This is like a ten count in the boxing ring. The guy didn't even know he was knocked out until he heard the referee shout 'ten'! Very amusing write, with a big uppercut at the end. Well done, Steve.


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        This is a great read Steve. That easy chair does have a tendency to encourage apathy. I love the way you go through every emotional response: ignoring, frustration/ anger at having the conscience pricked, lack of time, 'got my own problems', 'I've done my bit', 'I can't make a difference anyway' etc. And then the no-nonsense response I wish I could say with as much oomf as you did! Great!


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          Awesome poem! Well done,Steve Lyles!


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            That's great you creativity level is so good i really want to see that Easy chair, any how this poem i want to tribute to my child babzsákfotel where he sleep and sit, he feel very good on that bean bag chair, even i purchase for me to.


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              Often people are proud of the purity of their conscience only because they have a short memory.