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The Timber Mill

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  • The Timber Mill

    Hauling logs,
    moving and chopping,
    faithful dogs,
    trees ever lopping.

    The timber trade
    will never die.
    the trees that God made,
    will ever reach to the sky.

    Our wives,
    and the kids they've borne,
    take care of our lives.
    They cook the meat and corn.

    We live in a community
    all of our own
    and seldom someone ruins the unity,
    we've created out of flesh and bone.

    Our own general store,
    our own smithy,
    I'll show you some more
    if you come with me.

    And this mill
    in rugged Australia,
    has a whistle so shrill,
    You can hear it in America!!!!!

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    ClaireC Lovely picture you've painted of your Community.


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      Awesome piece of work. You are truly gifted. Reading your poem from Tysons


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        I Like this one pretty much. You have done quite well here, thanks.

        Kind Regards from the Travnik Universität


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          Immer wieder schön zu sehen was für tolle Gedichte doch manche schreiben können, meine Hochachtung!

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            nice one


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              this is a beautiful and free write!

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                Always nice to see what great poems people can write, respect!

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