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  • Inclusion Profusion

    Call it what you want
    Call it a delusion
    My community that I love
    Is one of inclusion.

    While at first glance
    There may be some confusion
    What you end up with later on
    Is an idea transfusion.

    A community that draws out
    People in seclusion
    Because of their unique worldview
    Isn't an intrusion.

    The heated discussions
    That create the verbal fusion
    End up uniting us
    Without a foregone conclusion.

    The voices and the views
    All part of the profusion
    Managing differences doesn't
    Need to be an act of collusion.

    If there's a different voice
    It doesn't need to be about exclusion
    Listen, you have a choice
    It's a knowledge infusion.

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    I have been reading this poem and some of your others too. Your poetry is so much more profound than the stuff I write. I read my poetry and it is a no-brainer, easily get the gist the first read through. I have to read yours a few times and actually USE my brain to appreciate the depth of your writings. Good stuff!


    • Sister Greed
      Sister Greed commented
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      Thank you Constil! What a lovely compliment. With regard to your poetic style, I very often like 'getting it' on the first read. I'll be sure to read a poem of yours!

      Ah, it turns out I have. You wrote my favorite poem on community!!!

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    Amen sister. Another great write keep on going !!


    • Sister Greed
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      Amen, indeed. Thanks Alexandra! Can we keep posting to the other forums?

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    Sorry I thought you were talking about the contest. Yes you can put in new poems in the other forum. You need to - you are on a roll and you've captured our attention.
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      I thought we could post new work in the Sharing forum, and just the Poetry Prize forum is closed for new posts.


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        Me too.


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          Mmmm, I do love this poem. Almost a Utopian community. It could get even an Agoraphobic to come out and participate.


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            I like your vision of community Sister Greed. Nicely done.


            • Sister Greed
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              Thank you. I've only seen it practiced successfully in academia, but I remain hopeful!