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"WTF Are We Doing?'' (Inspired by the dope down the street burning garbage)

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  • "WTF Are We Doing?'' (Inspired by the dope down the street burning garbage)

    "WTF are we doing?''

    We poke fun at Preacher, and the "Sci-Guy" who condemns,,
    But either by God's hand, or by own, This world's gonna end,,

    The "preach" will say that "God's had enough of our ungodly way",,
    People! We are killing our seas, and our lands, every single day,,

    The oceans are dying, so are the amphibs, and even the tiny bee,,
    What's sad?, We can't live without any of these, YOU, or even ME!..

    Our oceans have become so acidic, Clams fail to build their shell,,
    For the animals, We are turning our oceans into an acid filled hell,,

    When oceans die, So goes our atmosphere, and then WE in turn,,
    We are killing the trees, and ruining our Mother, and she WILL spurn!,,

    When Earth has had enough of us, Humans will simply be swept aside,,
    We are heading for a reckoning, Where Mama Earth, and WE collide,,

    We won't win that battle, The Mother will survive, Believe you me,,
    We the arrogant ones, will be gone, Just as surly as you'd flick a flea,,

    Saying the Earth belongs to man is a ludicrous thing to even boast,,
    When Mother has had enough, We puny humans are gonna be toast,,

    We war, We argue over the land, Who does it belong to? You or Me?,,
    That's as crazy as two bugs that war over the dog they live on, Can't you see?,,

    Whether the sign comes from Heaven, or from our own haughty hand,,
    These warnings are everywhere, and very soon, It'll be the end of man,,

    You see, We have taken much from Mother, but put back not a thing,,
    She may just wipe us out, Then start over, with a far more grateful being,,

    So don't believe the naysayers, Look around for yourself, and then see,,
    And if you can still find one, Thank that tiny, but irreplaceable, Honey Bee,,

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    Thank y'all for the comments


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      Thank you once again for your kind comments


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        A nice significant write. Prophetic and profound. Thanks for sharing.