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  • The Starlit✨Phoenix

    There is only inescapable darkness around me.
    Nowhere to go.
    Nothing to do.

    Only ashes are left of me.
    Slowly, time relentlessly sifts
    what I thought mattered.

    It has left me bare to the core.
    I embrace what is left of me
    as if a precious stone.

    I found that my core sparkled
    strong and graceful
    in the darkness.

    Stars rose and shined over my ashes,
    and the starlight nested in my heart.

    I saw a star in a kind word,
    another in a smile,
    a cluster in the love that was shown to me.
    There is the glimmering darkness of a starry sky around me.

    From the starlight that nests in my core,
    an impossible flame lit.
    It grew brighter and warmer
    until I rose anew from my ashes,
    for I became the Starlit Phoenix.

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    There is a limpid grace and purity in this that is very appealing.


    • Starlit
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      You are writing a novel? That is wonderful😄 What genre?
      Not being 'happy with the results yet,' emphasis on the yet😊

    • grant hayes
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      I have been trying to write the Great Fantasy Epic since teenage. I know, it's not like nobody has tried to do THAT before

    • Starlit
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      lol I'm still in the thinking stage of my epic novel 😉 The novel I've put on hold is a fantasy one, a heartwarming one.
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    What can bring us back from the darkness when we are not ready? A pill? A greater concern than our own well-being? But when we are ready, the light shines and the darkness fades from a kind word and a smile. Well-written Starlit and cause for reflection. Thanks for sharing.


    • Starlit
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      I entered this contest, just to see, if my poems could be considered poetry, to see if they are good enough, so thank you for saying it was well-written, I needed to hear that. I wrote it to express my journey in dealing with the diagnosis of a soul crushing rare illness, the realization that I can come back from this, and that I am not alone.