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    Why should I?

    An Act of Congress... didn't Pardon me?

    They call it doing "Community Service"-- work a 1000 hours... for free?

    Maybe not an inmate, but surely Property of the State.

    Shackled and bound, washing graffiti walls to clean my Town?

    Everyone in jail is innocent; Justice is for the guilty.

    There is no Pardon, so pardon me.

    "DO NOT TREAD" is what shames my feet; must it be where the whole Community can see?

    Freedom is the one thing we do own, indeed; Hired help is priceless;

    Volunteer work is done with dignity-- but serving time... makes you free.

    A slap on the wrist is what I got, I should be thankful... but I'm not.

    I'm not a trash collector? I don't gossip;

    I don't take trash back and forth between rivals?

    A trash collector of a different kind; Metal cans, glass bottles and debris-- that assures my survival.

    A lesson learned, I learned to pass on. Brainstorming comes easy, but Wisdom cost.

    Words of Wisdom-- Here, take my advice for free...

    Laws shouldn't be broken; No one should have to make you,

    but every opportunity you get;

    Do your civic duty and clean your own Community.

    Tannia M. Winston

    April 9, 2016