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    Ready for pickin'; United they stay-- a Grape opportunity.
    Grown to Perfection, round with royalty;
    Sweet or sour-- A bunch makes a Community.

    The harvest is plentiful, producing hue of grandeur;
    Colors of red and purple; and Even white.
    The Sun Dials the time-- Concentrated Sunray;
    Infinite Light-- Fermenting Sun-drops 'til ripe.

    Small delectables of delight, hanging from sturdy stems;
    Scuppernongs, muscadines and concords-- A jubilee of gems.
    Orchards of Napa-- Vineyards full of thump;
    The finest of wines--dressed with California's stomp.

    Sweet and juicy, oval and round;
    Full and plump-- they fall to the ground.
    Reaping Raisins; Sugar coated finger foods;
    Hor d'oeurves for Kings; small in size-- large in servitude.

    Seasons come, Seasons go-- never tarnished;
    From an Alcohol beverage to healthy desserts-- a seedless side-dish garnish.
    Drink the drank of nectar; Make a toast to prolong the aromatic smell of maturity.
    Plucked from unity; Dried with Peeled skin.
    Preserved grape jelly makes a different toast of gratuity.

    Grapes-- a Community of Righteous Harmony;
    From the branch to vine, from the vine to Mankind;
    Connected by Stems; limbs holding on for dear life and trust;
    Symbolic for What Divides us, is also What Connects us.

    Tannia M. Winston
    April 9, 2016