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    There were little to no opportunities
    Where I come from, there were no Communities?
    There were children and families all around
    Where I come from, was a Small Town.
    There I wanted to do Community work myself
    Where I come from, every man was for himself.
    There was no unity that didn't happen without detection
    Where I come from, that's showing public signs of affection.
    There were no wrong or right ways to do Tradition
    Where I come from, there were Conditions.
    There seems to be no change where I come from
    Where I come from, I poke fun.
    Moreover, there may be more places to roam,
    but...where I come from, there's no place like Home.
    I left home with equal opportunity in mind,
    to change the world one matter at a time.
    If you came from where I've been,
    then you know a Community's within.
    Imagine what you could do, with a Community behind you?
    Better yet, this is the "Land of Opportunity" ;
    Where you're from...Create A Community.

    Tannia M. Winston
    April 6, 2016