It's my world, a Community of one.
One way in, one way out
my 5 by 5 cubicle pushed to the wall; Perfect--
just the way I like it... It's fun!

Don't need a fire drill; My window's by the fire escape
no emails please, put no mail on my desk;
I'll check my in-box, heading to the Subway.

No telephone please; I don't take calls
don't invite me to the Christmas parties; I'm not religious, just appalled.
Don't include me in anything; No lunch breaks, Pollyanna's or Potlucks
I get sick thinking about Gourmet delivery; Who eats cold duck?

No need for compliments; I got it goin' on
they hired me didn't they? They can't go wrong.
No overtime for me, don't mail my check; I got direct deposit
don't call me to cover a shift, don't call me about a shift change;
Don't call me-- don't call me at all.

Be there at 8 I'm never late; Don't save me coffee-- I don't take breaks
I don't need training, I can read the Manual; Don't ask me to train-- for goodness sake.
I don't do time clocks, don't wait in lines; I'm never early, I'm off at 5.
Keep on walking pass my cubicle, don`t stop; No chit chat or small talk for me
no need for me to greet Visitors or any new Employees.

Co-workers I can do without; Friends even less;
I don't need an Assistant, I'm here to impress.
I must admit I cannot quit; I can't beat the Service I get
the Perfect world-- the only girl; Made a Community that's my world.

Tannia M. Winston
April 6, 2016
(a fictional poem)