A Small Knit Community--A Few to be Exact
Three of A Kind, One and The Same as a Matter of Fact.
Close These Three Are Sharing One Deity
Row after row, They Move with Unity.

Sunday after Sunday, They Show up Without fail
Taking the Liberty to Fix what ails.
No spot or wrinkle; Hard to find a blemish or a stain in Their Demeanor
Leading by Example, Just A Few-- They're Called... The Intervenor.

No cash for the pot-- Rich in Mind;
The Last Honest Dollar-- The Spirit Kind.
See What I feel; Do a pew check,
Not just A Spirit-- They... Are... Real!

Chosen I was; Jews the Elect for Eternity--No telling how long That Is?
The word Long isn't made for Eternity, Eternity is that much More
Up and down the aisles Tending to His Bis
Searching the hearts of men, not for Perfection to score

Everyone is Perfect-- Commune to Renew
Come Rain, Sleet, Snow or Shine-- The Trio Comes without further ado
Faithful They Are, as Sunday Morning Dew
They Are The Community-- They Are, The Faithful Few.

Tannia M. Winston
April 5, 2016