All superflies have a theme song.

What's a song without a theme? A Scheme?

In the scheme of things, there's a routine;

A routine that sticks to things-- things that sing.

The Melody comes first, the tune is the theme;

The chorus comes second-- rhyming things.

Lyrics come last, words of a superfly's past.

Dressed in the past, bell bottoms and platforms-- a played-out fro... For sho'.

Humming his theme is the scheme;

Beating the streets around the Heat.

A cat in a hat, flies his cape; Nine lives he escape with immunity--

No love song; A Rapture prolonged-- promoting promiscuity.

Like it or not, dressed to kill the opportunity--

his impunity is his the people-- to the Community.

Tannia M. Winston
April 5, 2016