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Communion Myth 3

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  • Communion Myth 3

    I saw it all as nothing.
    You knew it to be everything.
    We slept between newspaper scraps.

    I settled for table clippings.
    You strove for one more bite.
    We ate like kings.

    I stepped through the small of your back.
    You preferred standing still.
    We almost died one night.

    I spotted star dances skyward.
    You watched with eyes asleep.
    We built ourselves a team.

    I simply wished
    you weren't craving when
    we found that body.

    I never second guessed my decision.
    You routinely second guessed me.
    We assumed this was all life had to offer.

    I only heard one word.
    You listened to the rest.
    We helped each other home.

    I lost my life on a sidewalk.
    You found salvation in glass bottle (shatter).
    We matchstick-blazed, candle-flickered, out.
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    Wow. Glad I stumbled across this gem. Gets better with every read. The last line: bullseye.