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The World We Live In

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  • The World We Live In

    It's the world we live in
    we record instead of help.
    As if a digital imprint
    is more important than an emotional instinct.
    As if showing compassion would make us crazy and different.

    What if I told you that a helping hand
    to an unknown man
    can make the hateful understand
    that life without love for one another is empty and bland.
    It's the world we live in.

    We are all mankind!
    Why is that not the general sentiment?
    Why are our reactions always angry and violent?
    If you find it appalling like me
    we can no longer remain silent.
    We need to realize that we are living amongst brothers and sisters
    and not in solitary confinement.

    Love can take over hate
    the way light takes over darkness.
    Even the darkest of chambers
    is easily illuminated by the slightest ember.
    If we stand together,
    love one another,
    the hate in this world will begin to wither.
    The world that is left,
    that is the world I want to live in.

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    Thank you for The World We Live in, Inkorswim! How I wish the world we live in were one taken over by love. Well-expressed! Monica


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      Having grown up through the 60s, I've encountered thousands of people with the same philosophy as you've written here. Even back then, we knew that if the world was ever going to be as one, it had to start with the love of our fellow man. Keep believing in it, and never let it slip away.... ( love your name by the way ) inkorswim