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    Walter’s World (A Children's Story)
    by Carol Samuelson-Woodson
    [email protected]

    [Scene: Outside. Walter, a dog, resting. Ben, a squirrel, eating seeds fallen from bird feeders.]

    Walter gets riled when Ben comes around
    To gobble the seeds that fall to the ground.

    “Out of my yard, Seed-Snitching Pest
    “You know the rules. I’m trying to rest.”

    Hurry and scurry, tail in the air.
    Ben likes pretending that Walter’s not there.

    A nifty contraption waits in the yard
    It’s tricky and high and looks extra-hard.

    It comes with a full money-back guarantee:
    “The best squirrel-proof feeder made, yes siree!

    Ben leaps on branches. He dangles from vines.
    He tight-rope-walks backwards on telephone lines.

    He fans out his tail and waits for a breeze,
    Then parachutes in to that feeder with ease.

    Scampering, sampling, Mmm, a buffet,
    “Corn-on-the-cob’s the special today.”

    “I see you, Ben. You’d better go back
    “Fricasseed squirrel’s my favorite snack.”

    “That overgrown tail that makes you so bold
    “Will keep my ears warm when winter gets cold.”

    Flippity-flip goes Ben’s bushy tail.
    “You can’t stop me. You’re slow as a snail.”

    Lickety-quickety, slip through the fence
    Even a squirrel has a little good sense.

    [Miss Priss, mother cat]
    “You woke my kittens with your silly game
    “A big dog like you. Shame on you. Shame.”

    [note: Ben ducks through open door into house where Mom’s having a ladies’ luncheon]

    “Who let that mutt and his gang in the house?
    “What’s that they’re chasing? Is it a mouse?”

    [note: Ladies scream, jump onto chairs, then they join chase]

    The baby wakes up. He roars like a bear
    The noise curls your toenails. It frizzles your hair.

    [note: Baby joins chase. All crowd in bathroom. Dad in tub grabs towel, joins chase]

    “That mangy mongrel ought to be tied.”
    Slippity-slosh—"He’s headed outside.”

    “Hey, ‘Little Mousie,’ your tail’s much too thick
    “A snip here and there will fix it up quick.”

    [note: Walter snapping at Ben’s tail]
    Snippity-snip. “Barkety-bark.”
    Ben swerves into the municiple park.

    [note: Chase collides with marching band.]

    Oom-pah-pah-Pah. “Halt and retreat!”
    The trumpeter stops. The drums miss a beat.

    [note: Ben escapes to rose garden]

    The fanciest tent Ben ever did see
    Ladies in hats and dressed to a tee.

    Must be a wedding. Ben grabs some cake
    Here comes the gang! He jumps in the lake.

    [note: Ben, then everyone else, jumps into lake causing big splash.]

    The poor bride is crying. The groom is upset
    Their wedding is ruined. Their clothes are all wet.

    The cake’s flat and soggy. The icing is goo
    The fine guests are drenched. The tent topples too.

    Wait! Ben's in trouble. Ben’s going to drown
    That overgrown tail is dragging him down.

    Walter swims closer. My, what sharp teeth!
    Will he eat Ben? He ducks underneath.

    Glugity-glug!It looks like the end
    Of our seed-snitching, tail-twitching, pushy squirrel friend.

    But where's that bad dog who feasted on squirrel?
    Water is churning. Waves whirl and swirl.

    Here comes the scoundrel, paddling to shore.
    With Ben by the tail! The crowd start to roar.

    Happy to see them safe on dry land.
    “Let's party on! Strike up the band!”

    The bride kisses Walter, the groom shakes his paw
    The guests all join in a great big “Hurrah!”

    So Walter and Ben are invited to stay
    Of course Walter catches the bridal bouquet!

    Ben's dried and plied with goodies galore
    Burpity-burp. Can he really hold more?

    The two share the goodies. They share all the fun
    And help to clean up when partying's done.

    They go home together, Walter and Ben
    Tomorrow they’ll do it all over again.

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    Just a wonderful, light hearted write. Enjoyed it completely !


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      I thoroughly enjoyed reading Walter's World, emilydickinson! Charmingly written, sweet and funny. Thanks for the smile! Monica


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        This is a fun, charming, and unique poem, just perfect for a children's picture book! It flows very smoothly and never seems forced. It looks like you put a lot of work into this. Thanks for sharing, emilydickenson!


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          This was great!