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  • Cantankerous Joe

    Cantankerous Joe, he sure can throw
    Them horseshoes with a flair
    Every morning around ten O’clock
    At the week long county fair
    You can hear them horseshoes ring

    Corn dog in hand, thank you mam
    Thought I’d mosey over for a look
    My ear was tuned and pretty soon
    By Joe a seat I took, What’ya think?
    You can hear them horseshoes ring

    What is it that’s on my mind?
    You don’t want to hear
    It might pause you to think
    The world is full of words unkind
    Your apple pie alamode
    In creamy sauce
    Melted down vanilla
    What is left to fill ya
    And satisfy your need
    With words that you agree
    Rolls off my tongue
    Like used tobacco juice
    If I could spit that far
    You might have to shine your shoes
    Or better yet
    Have you shine mine
    With words you think are kind
    What’s on my mind
    Nothing, nothing at all

    Cantankerous Joe, don’t ask
    Before he’s had his coffee

  • #2
    Entertaining, witty... I liked this :>)

    "If I could spit that far
    You might have to shine your shoes"


    • #3
      Hi Divot, I liked this too, especially the third stanza. Are you a golfer, by the way?


      • #4
        I love the music of your words.


        • #5
          Thanks D. F. What a treat he was, that old black gentleman, 130 pounds if you counted the straw hat he was wearing. I couldn’t tell if he was smoking that cigar or chewing it. Ringer after ringer and as big as life itself.


          • #6
            Thanks John, A four handicap and slowly going up.


            • #7
              Thanks Sis. just a little smack down talk coming from the pits. Horse pits that is.


              • #8
                I love how you keep it real!! Such a great memory - I felt like I knew him too Divot.