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    Dimensional Beings, suspended in Time; Space.
    Nine Lives with Monumental beliefs as a sign of relief.
    Relieved they've been reprieved to conceive.
    Conceive and Delivered through A Conscientiousness of Principles;
    Trial without error--Before The Fall.
    Once bearing life in the Past, Present and Future; Millenniums, now barren.
    Evolution found a way, so they say-- Producing life.
    Producing no kings, Kingdoms forged; Creation having A Hand in it;
    Breaking the sound barrier with Spoken Word; Literally.
    No Words can be spoken in Space--no oxygen, but Perfect Harmony Orchestrated;
    Nine, of Finality and Completion; Nothing else needed.
    Played the String Symphony Sonata--Created He, A Community.
    Unity in Space-- Land, Water, Fire and Air; Elemental satire before Time--A Work of Art.
    A Celestial Waltz defying gravity, each Planet Formed before Humanity.
    Planets they're Named--Planned here by the Planner; Called according to Purpose.
    Walking the walk and talking the Talk.
    A Community that communicates without Words-- there is Talk;
    Yet, no fear or animosity.
    No vanity--no god complex. No Crosswalk-- no fame or fault;
    No jealousy, not even over the Moon's Walk.
    Mercury and Venus being the Closest; Earth running a close second.
    Mars and Jupiter both kept the Deal their Dealt--
    Force to be reckoned, Saturn wears a belt.
    Uranus-- 'nough said.
    Neptune, next to the furthest, won't complain--
    Pluto's small, not dry. Pluto is cold, not dead;
    Furthest from the Sun-- Yet, still in the Family Way.
    Planets Prepared and Equipped, not to do battle or to raise the pinnacle of a vain mutiny;
    Made out of Love, Marveled in awe --to make a difference in their Community.
    Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall-- Seasons there Change; Short days, long nights.
    Yet, Time stays the same--A Constant Planet.
    For Time doesn't exist here or there--It's No Thing by Default. It's meaningful;
    It's of the Essence-- For Time tells everything, that's no one's fault.
    A Collection of Rocks-- the Universe they are; Filling a bag like marbles to the top.
    A kid's marble they are not-- with feelings; Sensing When, Where and Why.
    Five Senses they do See, Smell, Touch, Taste and Hear.
    The Spirit-- the Sixth Sense within their Core, Sensing How, of course, there is no Fear.
    Terrestrial Beings--ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Formed from the Body; Asterism.
    Aligned; Planted in Place, Dynamic in motion-- defying physics in the face.
    Musically inclined; Singing to the tunes of Life, dancing to the melody of the Ocean.
    No Force of Nature-- Creation at It's Finest; Talents of Tenure, Designed with Devotion.
    Love they give as a Consultation,
    not as a Zodiac Sign but a Conversation of no Constellation.
    Uniformity, the Signs of the Times Aligns not with Eight, but with Nine.
    Planets straight in a row years to come true-- The Stars testify;
    A witness they are-- a witness with proof.
    Working together proven strength of the Body's Unity.
    A Body of Many makes up a Community.
    Laying the Foundation, solid as Gold-- Full;
    Helping, caring and sharing the wealth-- often mistaken as the Gravitational Pull.
    Money has no value in Space; Only soil is rich in fertility.
    Not with gold or diamonds; Rubies or pearls.
    Nor Gems or precious stones in root of their souls.
    Gave birth once, spoiled Eight times before.
    Earth's Rotating Axis, now turning to the tune of Time;
    Giving birth as History(His-Story) Performed.
    Already gone through all Eight Planets, Earth's the Ninth;
    Bearing life like never before-- as if no more is coming behind.
    Not a Community of gods, greater than Titans they Are;
    A Bang is not the Cause, nor Symbolic for the impact.
    Commoners of GOD; There's Only ONE--
    The Cosmos, no cocktail-- A Mysterious Order; No chaos; Opposite in fact.
    Telling the Story of A Sphere Community; Round for Eternity-- the Butterfly's Fect.
    Silently Net Working together; Closely as a network does;
    One Body of Collectives, busy keeping the peace in full Matrimony.
    Married to their work; Obligated to Complete.
    Fulfilling the duties on Earth, as it is in Heaven--
    a body of people in a

    Tannia M. Winston
    April 1, 2016