Stars and Fire
Moving Swiftly Through Us All
Dust and Breath
Connect the Tissues of life
I can feel the hum inside
Hum of the energy that binds us
I can feel the fire inside each person
Burning with a purpose
Burning with the meaning
Of what it is to be alive
Everyone has a rhythm that they follow
Thoughts and feelings; ideas and ideals
Things they hold true to their hearts
We are all part of a network
We exist in the same planet together
Interconnected by our shared existence
Each perspective is unique
Yet we shape each other
We become who we are
Because of our experiences that we share
We are the same dust and elements
From the star that we depend on
The hums within each person
Synchronize to create the song of the earth
At least that is what I see
When I look upon the ocean of faces
Passing me by, as I hear the individual melodies
Resonating within their souls
It is this feeling of shared existence
That has given me a sense of belonging
Among each unique perspective