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We Fell Trees

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  • We Fell Trees

    We fell trees in tractors.
    A big maple.
    Holes for concrete footings,
    dug together.
    "Then assemble the supports."

    Wives share stories -
    Groans tell stories.
    You have to try her Manicotti.
    A rare offer to a misfit.

    Green beer cans shine.
    We spread hay by the pond.
    "Not to thick."
    Another lesson learned.

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    Sounds like a group of friends working together on a community project? What were you making?


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      I'm thinking Rolling Rock in the little green cans. Thought provoking, Eslin!


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        The simple power of this poem is like that of haiku. So terse, yet so evocative. Solid as a rock.


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          This is was inspired by helping my neighbors with work - the sense of community that is created from clearing land, building an extension room for a house, an opulent italian dinner, and maintaining a pond for generations of a friends' family land. The idea of spreading, supporting, falling, a misfit and curiosity...they all play into community for me

          I am actually going to help him pour some concrete footings right now...

          I'm glad you like the poem! Thanks for the compliments
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