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  • A Beacon of Hope

    The dreaded knock. The lights are out. The curtains are shut tight. Continuing the game of shame, she cowers out of sight.

    Shivering in silence (the meter's not been fed). She has a choice of warmth or food: today she's chosen bread.

    The stench of deep depression is hanging in the air; it's hiding in the darkness of her shadow of despair.

    The pain of isolation is almost tangible, her fragile frame betraying a life so frangible.......


    Ratatatat, goes the knock at the door,
    But something is different, its not like before.
    The words of an angel she'll never forget:
    'Hello, CAP has sent me to help clear your debt!'

    She peers round the door, with her head hanging low.
    Embarrassed, she mumbles a quiet 'hello',
    Then tentatively she removes the door chain
    Allowing them into her humble domain.

    With practical help, and the gift of self worth;
    A future to dream of, the hope of rebirth;
    A plan to contend with the spiralling debt,
    Her angel has started, but not finished yet.....

    There's no hospitality, no cup of tea,
    No cake (for the cupboards are empty, you see)
    So off to the shops, and together they buy
    Some basic supplies, with a tear in her eye.

    The curse, it is lifting; the darkness is cleared.
    With hope comes a future that needn't be feared.
    The curtains are opened, the heating turned on,
    The threat of starvation is finally gone.

    The forced isolation no longer has hold.
    The purse strings are tightened and firmly controlled.
    The windows are welcome to let in fresh air;
    The scent of the freedom drives out her despair.

    The nerves start to heal, and no longer they dread
    A ratatatat at the door for, instead,
    That sound has begun to redeem her lost soul
    With love and support, till her future is whole.
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      Thanks so much Suz-zen.
      I wasn't sure whether I should explain more about the charity CAP that inspired the poem or whether the inference of their work was sufficient. I was so overwhelmed when I heard of the difference that they make to people's lives, as it has never occurred to me how isolating debt is, that I wanted to share what I had learnt. In hindsight it is obvious, as when every phone call or knock at the door is unwanted, inevitably the children can't play in the garden, the windows and curtains stay closed, and hospitality and socialising is too expensive so excuses become an uncomfortable part of life until the invitations cease. By providing hope and help in managing the debt, CAP literally transform lives and, most inspiring of all, the charity was set up 20 years ago with a £10 donation to it's founder who had survived the loss of his businesses and turned his debts around so wanted to share his lessons and new life with others, and its developed into an international charity. It's an amazing work that they do, and without any financial assistance from the government! That is true dedication to bringing individuals back into the community and a new life for themselves, and I just felt that i wanted to spread the word a little on their behalf.


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        Thanks Smee. Great way to highlight truly noble and caring work - and perfect example of the theme! Good luck!


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          Smee, lovely. That is a wonderful heartwarming poem. It probably works so well because the govwormhole is not involved.
          Too bad people can not take their tax break by helping someone 100%. They want those named charities to get the dough so they can
          all have donuts to eat.


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            Thank you, Smee, for writing A Beacon of Hope and telling us about all how CAP changes lives, from the despairing to the uplifted! Beautifully expressed! Monica


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              Hi RhymeLovingWriter,
              I appreciate the encouragement, both in your name and your comment.

              Hi Brainwreck, I'm really glad that you enjoyed the poem. You're right too about the fact that working without Government funding means that they aren't pulling the strings, but it's such a brave move for a charity to make to go it alone. I find CAP's work so inspiring that they can see past the natural, instinctive temptation to judge and instead, see someone who just needs to be shown how to help themselves, and be supported and guided throughout. I have to confess to being somewhat narrow minded and oblivious before I heard the CAP worker speak, so I felt a duty to share what I had learnt.

              Hi Monica,
              I'm grateful to you for taking the time to read my poem and especially for recognising the impact that the charity makes. If I have highlighted the difference that this charity makes in poor communities to just the few who have read my words, I will consider it a poem worth writing. Without government support, CAP needs all the awareness that it can get!


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                The CAP worker's speech did his/her job well. Getting the word out and compelling others to help. Beautiful.