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On Waking Up

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  • On Waking Up

    On Waking Up

    I start to rouse before first light
    When day will soon send home the night
    To join a world that lingers on
    Between the darkness and the dawn

    Here none a hurtful sound will make
    For strife has not been called to wake
    So gently, I from sleep can drift
    While earth’s dark veil prepares to lift

    Though sun will soon command the sky
    And this sweet calm will pass me by
    The moon’s now fading tranquil face
    Still smiles upon a kinder pace

    For just a fleeting breath in time
    This community in between is mine
    And with its peace, I fill my cup
    Before life comes to wake me up

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    Those are beautiful moments. I could actually sigh that precious moment as I read your poem.


    • cjwwsmith
      cjwwsmith commented
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      Thank you so much for the lovely sentiment.

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    Thank you for this beautiful poem On Waking Up, cjwwsmith! Waking up can be hectic -- or, as here, it can be tranquil. I love the poem. Monica