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A Poem for the Poets

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  • A Poem for the Poets

    It's rhyme time
    Back to the grind
    You're in the lime
    Don't you give up yet.

    It's prime time
    Shift our paradigm
    Crank out another line
    We've got a standing bet.

    Go double time
    Poetic enzyme
    RhymeZone poets align
    It's our collective debt.

    Two days to deadline
    Channel the Higher Mind
    Blow away Quine
    Don't let 'em see you sweat.

    We're not done yet!

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    Another poem of yours that I truly like.


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    Amazing. Love it.


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    Sister Greed, You are so creative and i get such a kick out of some of your poems and then am deeply moved and overall simply enjoy them! Thanks!!


    • Sister Greed
      Sister Greed commented
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      Thank you Suz-zen! Just trying to have fun!

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    I liked some of the different wording. Pass me the enzymes to make poetic proteins. That should help me grow


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      Thank you. These types of poems are how I keep from getting writer's block when I'm working on something difficult, like The Divided Subject, and I'm trying to break down Lacanian psychoanalytical theory into swallowable pieces that sound poetic! One day left. Who shall be the 10 winners? I believe you'll be one. Ah the enzyme...A Starbucks pour over.


      • Brainwreck
        Brainwreck commented
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        You are funny yet very deep. I'll later look at Lacanian theory. I do have a poem I would like you to
        read. Community Castaways. I hope I got it posted. I have posted to shared poetry. But do you have
        to post to the contest separately?

      • Sister Greed
        Sister Greed commented
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        Yes, I believe so. I'll look for it.

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      nice one! 👍🏼