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Reverend George Shaw, Grandfather in a Posed Photograph

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  • Reverend George Shaw, Grandfather in a Posed Photograph

    You stand there young Reverend cocksure impeccably
    Dressed in coat and tails a Panama hat nests near your
    Feet like a white chicken eerily placed on the ground

    A finger points to a passage in an open bible that your
    Eyes alone can interpret from behind the tall forked oak
    Tree the intense light from that day blinds us even now

    Years later by accident or grace in an old box I find you
    Again still bearing witness Grandmother by your side
    Faces grown weary full of hen scratch the bible nowhere

    In sight we cannot extricate you from the great repose
    Or locate amid years of hoary dust that cantankerous
    Chicken who did not wish to be staged in a photograph

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    I like how you bookend the piece with that eerie, recalcitrant chook (echoing the cocksure reverend at the start), and place the appearance and disappearance of the bible in between (hen scratch weary).
    And 'forked' is one of those words I just love.


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      The imagery unfolds like the scenes of a movie. Nicely done poet.


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        Hi, Tanner, I missed this one. This a beautiful write, reminiscent in spirit of grant's grant hayes started a topic Gone Before
        in RhymeZone 2016 Poetry Prize entries

        Is the chicken a chicken or a Panama hat?
        In any case, I love the poem and the literary devices you employ.