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The Divided Subject

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  • The Divided Subject

    NOTE: This poem borrows heavily from the papers of Jacque Lacan, whose words, by very nature, are poetic. The materials referenced are La Dialectique, Subversion of the Subject, and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Psychiatry. Whether or not this should be considered an original poem, when such striking fundamental theories have been appropriated, will have to be determined by the RyhmeZone judges. However, in solving the world's problems, we only need start with ourselves, the divided subject.

    On another stage
    Another scene
    A single plate of glass
    Sheers through its mind
    What life it had in the Dreamer's Psyche
    Now The Mirror
    A divided subject
    The same place that I occupy
    The physical and its double
    Who watches
    The division between the unconscious and the 'I'
    Who speaks
    And must be spoken of in the most subtle ways
    Losing self-transparency...
    Slips of the tongue...
    Manifestations of unconscious processes...
    Valuable insofar as we stumble or are interrupted
    Finding truth by making holes in meaning

    Some kind of union between one being and another
    To fulfill the lack
    A reciprocal awareness
    In the knower of the known
    True if the awareness of the knower
    Corresponds with the subject known
    Untrue if discord and unlikeness create friction
    As the lack is unsatisfied.

    The negated moment into a higher synthesis
    (Combining of the whole)
    Is the ultimate goal of The Big Other
    A pre-existing order
    Preparing places in advance for the vicissitudes
    And their ensuing lives
    A divided subject is essential to the success
    Of the persistent socialization of the negated moment as norm
    The continuous and exponential division of subject
    Through a binary system
    Where two theoretical opposites
    Are strictly defined and set off against one another
    And so forth
    The binary system
    Divides the subject further
    Causing it to accept only half of what exists as truth
    About itself
    In any given moment.

    The subject commits to
    Loosening' itself from dependence
    On the assurance
    Of the truth of its knowledge
    Passing from needing affirmation
    To awareness of the inadequacy of this perception
    To a new moment
    Of these two previous moments
    In a higher view of the process
    The starting point of a new cycle
    Whatever the answer turns out to be
    It's bitter. It's salty. It's sour. It's sweet.
    The "I AM"
    Not the What I Should Be.

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    Oh, Lacan, Lacan: how much I've built on him, and how much I've taken down, carefully, brick by brickbat.
    I think you get away with it, Sister Greed. Everyone who reads thus should put it into verse; shows whether you geddit, quite.


    • Sister Greed
      Sister Greed commented
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      Yep, this was a tricky one. Took a half day, and there's still work to be done. Interesting stuff, that Lacan. I took a Lacanian Film Study class if you can believe that. Yikes.

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    Yikes indeed! Great grist for a poet's mill.


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      Absolutely. I really wanted to tackle the idea of the United States being divided, but how can you without addressing structuralism and binary opposition. Next thing you know, Lacan is jumping into the mix!


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        I was looking for this one. It's difficult to be united when we all have our own cultural biases and assumptions - that applies even when commenting on the poems we read or write. I've yet to meet anyone that is wholly accepting of self and therefore of others. In my biased opinion you are one of the most controversial poets -- you challenge our perceptions. Glad I found this one again Sister!!!


        • Sister Greed
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          Thank you Alexandra! I'm looking for your poem you just mentioned.

        • Sister Greed
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          Alexandra, I was just reading your comment again. What a tremendous compliment from you. Thank you so much!

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        Hi, Sister Greed, This is a beautiful reflection and a thought-provoking piece. Putting other's ideas into your own words, in novel ways, with your own interpretation is the stuff of prose and poetry. Thanks for sharing.


        • Sister Greed
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          Thank you, MHenry. I'm not feeling I succeeded, more work needs to be done!

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        Hmmm...I think that is a Universal feeling among all those who endeavor to try and to succeed.