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    When I was a little girl
    my mother died.
    She died at home
    and I was by her side.
    I was so sad,
    I cried and cried.
    And I would not play
    or go outside.

    My mother was gone.
    She was no longer there.
    No one to wash
    or comb my hair.
    Or fix my breakfast
    or pack my lunch,
    or bake me cookies
    like Oatmeal Crunch.

    She was no longer there
    to wipe up my messes,
    or buy me shoes
    or fancy dresses.
    She was no longer there
    to hug and kiss.
    And those are things
    I really miss.

    I did not think
    I would survive.
    When I lost my mother
    I was only five.
    But I am still here
    as you can see.
    Because of my

    Miss Sally next door
    was always there
    to dress me up
    and style my hair.
    And hold my hand
    as I walked to school.
    And buy me ice cream
    to keep me cool.

    And whatever time
    that she had free,
    she would always come over
    to check on me.

    She would buy me dresses
    and fancy shoes.
    And read me poems
    by Langston Hughes.
    Without Miss Sally,
    where would I be?
    She was part of my

    When the City found out
    that my mother had died,
    They set up a scholarship
    and I applied.
    And despite such
    great adversity,
    I attended
    a great University.

    First I got
    my Bachelor's degree,
    which was followed by
    a Master's Degree.
    My Momma would be
    so proud of me
    because today
    I have a Ph.D..

    And the successful person
    that you see
    is because of my
    Without my City,
    where would I be?
    It was part of my

    A Community is a place
    where people live.
    A place where neighbors
    learn to share and give.
    A Community is all
    the people there
    who are kind enough
    to show they care.
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    I love your beautiful poem, and the way you define community (and the bolding of place and people), almost could have stood on its own. Well done.


    • Rhymeboy
      Rhymeboy commented
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      Thanks! I had to edit it twice because I typed it directly into the space my browser would not let me directly cut and paste I think its correct now

    • Sister Greed
      Sister Greed commented
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      Looks great.

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    Great is right Sister Greed!! Great poem and success at its finest when people show they care for others by action and the impact on children or anyone. Glad I found your poem!!


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      Thank you Sister Greed and AlexandratheLate for your wonderful comments!


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        Full of emotion, beautiful, and thoughtful.Thank you for sharing.


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          Thank you,theresajcbs for your wonderful comment!