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Happy Father’s Day - “TO MY MOTHER”

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  • Happy Father’s Day - “TO MY MOTHER”

    Another entry for the 2016 RhymeZone Poetry Contest from Georgia's Pen:

    Happy Father’s Day to my “Mother”
    Traditionally, Father’s Day is for Fathers
    Throughout my life, my father happen to be my mother
    Mom you were the constant in my life since day one
    We did not have a lot but we always had fun

    You took the leadership role reserved for a father
    It did not matter how circumstances sometimes made it harder
    You never complained when the going got tough
    You stood tall, confident and never gave up

    You sacrificed so much for me
    Everyone who knows you would agree
    You nurtured me to be the person I am today
    Without you, I would have lost my way

    My needs always came first and last with you
    Despite some hard times we went through
    You were determine I would be the best I can be
    Look at me now, your job is complete

    I did not miss having a father around
    You taught me to be strong and never back down
    All my life’s achievements is a result of your love
    And of course, I have to thank the “Almighty” above

    When I had my first broken heart, you was there
    With your wisdom and gentle display of care
    When I did not make the cheerleading or basketball team
    You told me don’t worry and never give up that dream

    You were there for every significant event I had
    You took the place of that person who some call “DAD
    You fill both roles unconditionally and without hesitation
    You deserve the loudest and longest standing ovation

    If I am ever a single parent, I pray
    I follow in your footsteps in every way
    You are my inspiration and role model
    It’s your faith and love I want to always follow!

    Happy Father’s Day - “TO MY MOTHER”

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