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  • Misunderstood Poker called "blurred" picture
    in my thoughts
    became, a window a million times.
    Playing over and over again these rhymes
    only appeared as dimes
    in the minds of partially blind.

    I was at the table see?
    we gather around greed and jealousy
    To hide our emotions, none could see.
    I could have 8 deuce in hand and they'd still flee,
    What's that say on society?

    The Jokers are always taken out of the deck
    right before deal.
    Course, they, the ones suffering for a meal.

    Took 2 hands to peek at my hope,
    other expressions there was no slope
    None were using built in kaleidoscope
    the skip rope lay lying in all horoscopes
    There's no way, they couldn't see me, as dope.

    To no avail, my facts were wrong
    it didn't take long for all players play along,
    The pot was now full.

    Fuller than my life savings had had to ever be,
    the money, wasn't in it for me.

    I began to feel the shards
    Fear of the other cards,
    or really the players, shaking my stubborn heart.

    To bet or fold
    Cards never told,
    You had to play the players not the game to
    BEAT bold.

    Hands s h i ve r ing
    on my deli ve rr ing n g
    of my u p b r i n g i
    Of my cards.

    While the others stared and laughed, I was a flash card.

    Stood guard
    as the others pushed in with grin
    Not acknowledging the sin, worked for them.

    The motorized engine, we were all running in
    abruptly turned down fourth street.
    This was no meet or greet
    Bullets shot at each other's feet
    chips f l e w in a fleet,
    The announcer, took a seat.

    Us, as players, knew our own fate.
    Would they take the bait?
    Would he have the straight?
    Sometimes even winners lost this debate.

    I had, apparently no time, I took a loan
    led me down the,
    and somehow made me in this mode.

    I s hiv e re d and qu ive red,
    considered the other bli zzar d,
    m y ha nds stopped, mind flickered.

    The earlier rhymes began to collect with time
    Queen, King, Jack, 9, made me
    too benign in this cruel line - I
    tipped my gleaming glasses.
    Paper.......paper was all it was to me.

    I knew I had them beat. And chips
    went deep away from my seat.
    The players...the players scowled.
    None would fold, despite lyrics previously told
    and now we ran down to the few drops of water hull.

    Another of mine came up in my mind and,
    there it lay from gambling heaven.

    My heart pumping for the smile to appear on my face,
    Just like it had in the previous phase,
    However, that, would give all a w a y.

    I sat there, sit there, with, empty exposure but...
    full disclosure, as they each dial
    in, 1 number at a time, believing my bluff.

    In the end,
    The true winners and the losers
    Would all be still at the table.
    These cards, would not be held unparalleled.
    Each bill, once on the table, not able to be
    Used in the moment would be elsewhere.
    The cycles of each of these systems would carry on,
    Yet, our fates are not drawn.

    For the thoughts on the inside of our heads
    Will always be worth more
    Than their processed counter-parts.
    Each second believing.
    Each moment dreaming.
    Constantly intensify our desires,
    Every chip, every fold, every analogy,
    Will make us, who we, are going to be.
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    I think IQ poker is really only for fun, nothing serious. So we don't have to brag at every step that I have a higher IQ in poker and I win more often. A greater stupidity than this I have never heard in my life, poker is a game of chance, which IQ we are talking about, it's just a virtual attraction. People fall so easily into such traps, that amazes me the most. Although you shouldn't, there are many with higher education, and become addicted to gambling, lose large sums of money and break up with families, wives for a game of poker. What addiction makes with man...
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      Must constantly intensify you desire mr.