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A Tribute to Najeh

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  • A Tribute to Najeh

    Silvery lights shimmer amidst stark shadows
    Proclaiming peace, good will toward men.
    High above, Najeh Sulieman Masaeid beams,
    Luminescent in fluorescent light
    That curbs, disturbs, the softness of the night.

    The billboard,
    A tribute from frustrated friends,
    Helpless to amend the murder of Najeh,
    Who delivered pizzas year after year,
    Proud to assist through his humble career.

    He was killed for his petty cash
    By one who felt entitiled—
    To something for nothing, to take another’s life.
    While Najeh cherished the opportunity
    To earn a living in his adopted community.

    His power lay in his joy,
    For he delighted in unpretentious labor,
    His smile an emollient for others’ tired thoughts.
    Joy, an infectious solace, rarely viewed
    A precept even more rarely pursued.

    He was Muslim, I think; no one gave it a thought.
    He was one of us—
    Worthier than us.
    Now his road sign appeals for peace,
    Reminds us of who we are, who we can be,
    By rejoicing in labor and neighbor, his reality.