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The Evil of Two Lessers

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  • The Evil of Two Lessers

    “The evil of two lessers”, so the old
    Expression went, and, boy, that’s true today.
    What happened to them? They’re no longer bold,
    Don’t even try to keep elites at bay.
    No, they’re the tools of those who hold the cash
    And give them jobs when they no longer “serve”;
    They justify and cover up the trash
    Those make who have the money and the nerve.
    Our founders thought that shame would keep in check
    The urge to favor those who have great wealth;
    But shame is scarce and at their donor’s beck
    And call they’ll do dark deeds in stealth.
    Our polity’s corrupted by the greed
    Of those who claim the public’s voice to heed.

    And yet… perhaps the politicians’ fault
    Resides not altogether in their hearts,
    Which find they’re under permanent assault
    That virtue they idealize outsmarts.
    They seek support, but do not find enough;
    The ones with grasping hands are all they see;
    The rest of us are all too keen to slough
    Off troublesome responsibility.
    The world, however, does not go away;
    It’s much too big for any pair of hands;
    It takes each one of us, out every day,
    To deal with burdens no one understands.
    We cannot delegate to a trustee
    Our vital part in our community.