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Together We Are Complete

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  • Together We Are Complete

    When we are together we are complete,
    without you there would be nothing but me.
    When we move we may feel lonely,
    but it is not that there is you only.

    There are many of us battling the same thing,
    but everything is a community.
    One which has an equal opportunity,
    which means we are an unity.

    We all have our differences and similarities,
    but still doesn't make us any different.
    We all work together,
    to accomplish what is needed to be done.

    No matter what race, gender or religion,
    or even how you look.
    We all are a community,
    one which everyone helps each other.

    We all may come together to have a feast,
    to show we are all together.
    And nothing will stop us from doing that,
    and even having a chitchat!

    We never have to feel lonely,
    the only loneliness is one without a community.
    When we move in any direction,
    there is a whole new community welcoming us.