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    Fife and Drum

    I shouldn’t like poetry, or so I’ve been told.

    I’m too analytical, mind-numbingly cold.
    Ok, it’s true--love poems get old;
    Words flowing out full of trite and no gold?

    No thanks… I’ll skip, toodle-oo.

    Stop writing, I beg you, and go for a walk.
    Think on the meaning, you’re in for a shock.
    Analysis? Actions should model your talk.

    Speaking of action...

    What have we here? A dactylic rally?
    The world gone to pieces and ending so sadly?
    Then by all means: put more cooks in the galley;
    Sound the alarm and write up the tally.

    Look, your overwrought poem will not change the world.

    And I get it, I do--life isn’t fair…
    So write an analysis, be better prepared;
    Then go out to assist in your minor affair.

    Well, obviously I don’t like poetry.
    I’m too analytical, mind-numbingly cold!

    Your needy biography and rambling homily
    Mean little to me when it’s purely frivolity.
    But I’ll tell you a secret, an improbability…
    All that I’ve written is purely hypocrisy.

    You see, there’s this…

    I love poetry, the rhythm and meter;
    The coupling of assonance, euphony… and cacophony.
    The beauty of words, beheld by the reader.

    Oh, and there’s this…

    I’m a romantic,

    I see it so clearly in mind and in heart
    When a man and a wife are pulled far apart;
    Words written so deftly, my heart feels the dart.

    I’m a neighbour,

    I’ve seen the young boys with their sticks and their stones.
    Their parents all saying to fear the unknown;
    Too soon they’ll be filling the earth with gravestones.

    I’m a poet,

    I write words full of beauty but still, I’m off duty.
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    I like the last part a lot! Good work!


    • Brainwreck
      Brainwreck commented
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      WorldParticles, love your name.

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    Thanks. I love it when poems have a little twist... whether it is the message or the poetry itself.


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      I love this it really made me smile thank you


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        I shouldn't like poetry, so I have told myself for almost 50 years. Yup, too analytical and like numbers.
        I have come this beautiful very very late.
        Love the poem.


        • Merkavah
          Merkavah commented
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          There are many forms of poetry for many kinds of people. I'm glad you liked mine! But really, did you have to mention numbers? Now all I can think about is how to write a poem with numbers!

          I don't even like numbers... Well, time for some analytical research on how to go about this.

          ... ... ... ... And done. A 'Haiku: Numbers' has been written.

        • Brainwreck
          Brainwreck commented
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          Looks like I left one word out of 2 sentences. I need to pay better attention.
          I like the idea of a poem about numbers. I had not thought of that. It will be different
          when you post it. Can hardly wait.

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        Absolutely Amazing!!! The flow, the imagery, the meter, the rhyme, the emotions all makes for a brilliant write. Poetry worthy of print. Thanks for sharing. #eyesopenwide