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  • Come Home.

    Come home, come back to the place from whence you came, which you left due to a boredom that still haunts you to this day, in fear of time's toxicity, knowing that it decays if not the free and youthful spirit, it's hosting body with age.

    Come home, come back to the place which you know well, the place which you abandoned due to curiosity left unquelled, unquenched by what meager tales this community had to tell, wanting nothing more than to explore, to break free from its shell.

    Come home to the one who once supported your decision - to leave when you first came to him with your admission - that you grew tired of living whilst haunted by the visions which you've seen all your life and have grown to know well.

    Come home to the one who once pushed you to find freedom - to travel from the remnants of ancient cities to modern kingdoms - with the promise that each memory would remain in safe keeping so when you'd return we'd converse of all the sights that befell your eyes.

    Come home, for it has been far too long since I've seen your face, far too long since I've been wrapped up within your warm embrace, far too long since you and I both made time to conversate about the things we still wish to do and see.

    Come home to your friends as well as family, who ask where and how you have been constantly. But if not for this long known community, come home, if only for me.

    For you have always brought peace, you have always brought a smile, you have always brought comfort if even for a little while. You have always been that special someone all were pleased to have known.

    And we miss you, we do, and wish for your return, for in your absence your worth we all more easily discern. So please, if you could with haste, come home.