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  • Lost Then Found

    We fought hard when we found ourselves lost
    Will we surrender all to remember what we've forgot
    Our proximity was once a necessity
    For health, safety, and sanity
    Now an inescapable luxury
    Unacknowledged as the cure for our calamities
    Ironically, we've come together yet grown apart
    United we stand, divided we fall
    But as we stand divided, surely united we'll fall
    For when you live life one-sided
    To humanitys symmetry your blinded
    We need not surrender all
    If we forgot it all but one thing recall
    That were a family on a whirling ball
    With common needs and common flaws
    As you'd do onto yourself, do unto all
    Then we could say when we found ourselves lost
    What we'd once lost, again found us all