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An Elegy for Michael “Loukas” Angelo

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  • An Elegy for Michael “Loukas” Angelo

    An Elegy for Michael “Loukas” Angelo
    By Ella Olechowski
    A loss, a void to be filled
    Our hearts, our hopes, will remain unfulfilled
    Quiet, understated, yet happy and content
    I wish he knew how much he meant
    Not only to me
    but to those who grieved after this tragic event

    His smile is one to remember
    He is one to never surrender
    All he asked for is our strength
    Now we live his legacy to every length

    There is beauty behind the madness
    Joy behind the tears
    But sorrow to express
    How I wish you were here
    Through your name we proclaim charity,
    Grant us with the ability to find some clarity
    Behind the chaos and behind the screens
    Rests your soul, pure and clean
    My friends, my family, my school, and community
    Have taken advantage of all opportunity
    To help us grow and be like you
    We work together and hope to pull through
    The Mitty community has been a saving grace
    The Mitty community has been a safe place
    To express how we miss you, my love
    Each day I pray for a sign from above
    When I am surrounded by those who care
    It makes me think that you are there
    Touching me with your angelic wings
    But your scream from the accident, in my ear
    It rings.
    I didn’t see the car coming and neither did you
    But after people tried to stop, the driver pursued
    And with a bang you were on the ground
    Not yet with God, but your soul He found
    He was with you always through the days and the fighting
    But He invited you upstairs during a night of lightning
    Loukas I love you forever and always
    The way you work through the world
    Leaves me amazed
    Do you hear my prayers?
    Do you listen upstairs?
    Oh, how your healing presence consoles
    It fills the void, makes me whole.