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    Excitement buzz,
    Time it flies,
    One week, one day,
    Clear blue skies.

    Humid breeze,
    With a chance of delight,
    Two days of fun,
    People unite.

    Screams and laughter,
    Kids, new clothes,
    Running, dust trails,
    Barefoot toes.

    Adults converse,
    Hours spent,
    Part by part, equals
    Community event.

    Games and food,
    Smiles wide.
    People show,
    Their different side.

    Sunset, all set,
    Climax near,
    Fireworks, awed, then
    Yells and cheers.

    Ends at ten,
    Stay ‘till one,
    Awake all night,
    To see the sun.

    Next day re-peat,
    Smiles wider,
    Hotter temps,
    The sun is brighter.

    Tragedy overseas,
    And in the homeland,
    Label children, their parents,
    With an incorrect band.

    All pay for some,
    Some did it to all,
    One domino toppled,
    The rest of them fall.

    The community, broken,
    By actions unforeseen,
    Told by the voice,
    Coming from those wretched screens.

    The humid breeze--now a howl,
    The cry of mourn,
    Hollowed trees and no laughter,
    The core left torn.

    Holding on to belief,
    Like a rope of life,
    Pulling out of despair,
    And pain and strife.

    Coming together,
    To clear all the lies,
    To not hide in fear,
    Under now-cloudy skies.

    To invite once again,
    Happiness and fun,
    Guests of honor,
    Under the sun.

    Children laugh,
    Grownups talk,
    Smiles wide and
    Tables knock.

    Fireworks crackle,
    Night light-show,
    It might be dark, but
    Faces glow.

    Back together,
    The pieces went, because
    Nothing says community,
    Like a community event