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The Inevitable Invasion

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  • The Inevitable Invasion

    We sat together beneath
    that pink duvet cover,
    our sweaty palms
    clutching flashlights, books
    piled like castles
    around our scarred knees.
    I said I wanted to be
    an author. You said the moon
    seemed nice. I asked why not
    the earth. You said you couldn’t

    Soon that pink duvet
    cover was retired
    to our closet’s highest shelf,
    where it sat among cluttered
    dreams and the past when it
    was only us.

    Our fort now much bigger,
    astronaut fell flat
    and enemies lurked at each
    turn, with talons drawn
    to shred isolation and
    cast its shards at
    our still croc-sporting feet.

    A new suffocation was
    born, one of age
    and choice and the seemingly endless
    crop of peers who
    ripped books, brutally,
    in favor of pulling weeds.

    It was on the blacktop, chalk
    gripped in my hand, surrounded
    by the too familiar chaos,
    I found myself longing for
    the soft glow of a flashlight,
    and your voice, and our
    impenetrable pink wall.

  • #2
    This brings me back to the old days of childhood and innocence. I thank you for that.


    • #3
      I love the symbolism of this poem. Beautifully written.


      • #4
        Totally engaging from start to end, phrased with an elegant dignity. Beautiful!


        • #5
          I just had to write more...I'm overwhelmed with the depth of this poem. Very poignant.


          • #6
            Harkens back to a time of innocence and wonder we all have as children. Touching sentiments, beautifully written. Thanks for sharing alecates.