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  • Pathetic Lives

    Can we go back to the place where everyone was heard

    And hate wasn't a word

    Where no one was afraid

    To live their lives everyday

    A place with no hate

    Where you didn't sit up at night thinking about your life in debate

    Where you didn't want to end it

    Where you didn't make another slit

    Where you stop and sit

    What're you doing to yourself dear?

    Didn't I make it obvious that I'm here?

    It's not enough

    Listen I know things will get rough

    Things will get tough

    But put down that blade and please don't cut

    That guy was wrong when he called you a slut

    Baby I know you feel like you're stuck

    But let me be that little piece of good luck

    There's this little thing, it's called hope

    It's what keeps you away from that rope

    You stopped coming to school

    You said it was bull

    Everyone whispered about you

    I stopped that by period two

    You didn't talk to me for days

    I just really hope you're okay

    I stopped by your house

    I was let in by your mom's spouse

    I walked up the stairs

    Knocked on the door, then got really scared

    Opened it, walked in and screamed

    No no, this isn't what it seems

    I picked you up off the floor and carried you to your bed

    I screamed to your mom CALLED THE MEDS

    Look at what they've done to you darling

    I try to shake you awake screaming BABY STAY WITH ME

    But I knew it was too late

    You had decided your fate

    I held your limp hand and I began to cry

    I wish it were me who had to be the one to die

    You let their words in

    You let them win

    They did this to you

    They deserve to die too

    I stood up and I walked home

    Nows that chance to show em'

    I grab my dads closest and fastest gun

    It's time to go have some fun

    I walk into the school

    I scream "you think you guys are cool!?"

    Because of you, someone is dead

    Then I smirk, so off with your head

    ~The End~

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    This hit me pretty hard~