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"Lousy Friend" (Inspired by a "Brain" and "Another")

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  • "Lousy Friend" (Inspired by a "Brain" and "Another")

    "Lousy Friend" (Inspired by a "Brain" and "Another")

    "Lousy Friend,,

    I believe God gave us two ears, but one mouth, So we should "hear" more than we talk,,
    Funny how our tongues can cut like a knife, Or can ease pain better than a caudal block,,

    I was not going to write any more of these things, Then along comes a "lousy friend"
    Her words brought tears to my eyes, and her offer I won't forget till my life's end,,

    "A friend in need is a friend indeed" Was the voice I heard, and her gracious plea,,
    She would read my eulogy shrouded in rhyme, and she has sensed my most dire need,,

    I have been lost, and a basket case the last six months, I lost the love of my life you see,,
    I've written these poems, and these many muses in the dispair that now resides in me,,

    Its true, I have not felt much hope for the future, I mean really, How else would I feel?
    Then comes a Brain with an offer I can't refuse, and I wondered. What's this gal's deal?,,

    There are still some in this world that feel anguish in a soul, and they truly give a she-it,,
    So this poem just wrote itself, Just jumped off the keyboard, and I simply could not quit,,

    If the world were filled with such ones that give a damn, Oh how different it would be,,
    She is but one voice with a grand offer, and the miracle of living she almost makes me see,,

    And so I am grateful to this gal, For she has with her concern, given me a reason for hope,,
    Before she, and "another" came along, I was slipping helplessly downward on a ghastly slope,,

    This Brain lives her life by what was once penned, "Without followers, evil can not spread"
    I am a believer in such words, In fact, I am a believer that truer words have never been said,,

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    Sorry, had to rewrite and relist, I had it all wrong