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united we fall

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  • united we fall

    united we fall

    by Omar Abdelhamid

    there's blood pounding through my bones
    and through every note
    of the whizzing of the ocean beside me
    and though I breach stones
    with my humble boat
    the force of my will is hungry

    this is the hunger of man
    the flame we can't stand
    that pushes through mountain and sea

    and then the mind rushes
    our hands grip brushes
    to paint ourselves a better reality

    remember the day
    when we would walk and say
    even if the sky was a deadly gray

    we will stand strong
    and sing this same song
    until we find where in this puzzle we belong

    And in the midst of this hope
    there is a storm ever looming
    a cold winter frost
    to silence this blooming

    we're on the shore we came from
    my head is spinning my hands are numb
    we've fallen, we've lost
    but we are one