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Unity in Community

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  • Unity in Community

    Unity in Community

    Unity in community
    Filled with opportunity

    Loving hands
    In an expanse of land

    People excited
    People united

    Friends shop for deals
    Share mega meals

    Drive flashy cars
    Stare at stars

    Children singing
    Church bells ringing

    Pray each day
    Then out to play

    Ever grateful
    For each plateful

    Bear in mind
    Always kind

    Happy go lucky
    Never feel sucky

    Fall in love
    Work hand in glove

    Inventors create
    Lovers date

    Chat with friends
    Now and then

    Grow lush gardens
    Recycle cartons

    Cook beans
    Keep things clean

    Care for each other
    Protect Earth Mother

    Proud of
    Those they love

    Shake hands

    Fans enthused with features
    Playing at theatres

    Music bands
    Loud and grand

    Dogs dance
    Horses prance

    Fancy shows
    Everyone goes

    Sun or rain
    Buskers entertain

    Midnight strollers

    Fans munch popcorn
    Butter warm

    Athletes skate
    Audiences pulsate

    Minds full of wonder
    Love one another

    Learn lessons
    Share possessions

    White doves flitter
    Butterflies flutter

    Frogs croak
    Wake townsfolk

    Go to the Y
    Let kites fly
    Shimmy and shim
    At the gym

    Hang out clothes
    Watch air shows

    Clever stunts
    On all fronts

    April showers
    Plant flowers

    Rake lawns
    Dusk till dawn

    Hold hands
    In a glorious land

    Climb the ranks
    Invest in banks

    Comedians roar
    Hearts sore

    Stuck in traffic

    Children blow bubbles
    Parents drink doubles

    Holy rollers

    Protesters cause a ruckus
    Fight for justice

    Angels blow kisses
    God grants wishes

    Where people care
    Where people share
    Community is there

    By: Dale Lutes