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  • A Cycle

    The cloud smiled at me
    As it drifted serenely past

    The tree whispered to me
    As the leaves danced in the breeze

    The stream chuckled at me
    As the water played in the rocks

    The wheat field waved to me
    As the wind hastened its pace

    The campfire crackled and danced for me
    As the logs gradually turned to ashes

    Night gently descended on me
    And wrapped me in its velvet blanket

    Many creatures sang to me
    Their chorus filled the dark

    But then . . .

    Thunder rumbled ominously in the distance

    Lightning flashed and ripped the heavens asunder

    A swirling monster with a freight train roar

    Smashed and crashed and churned and crushed

    The morning sun rose with sadness and gazed upon the ruins

    Gaia had spoken . . . She was not amused.