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  • Doctors and Patients

    Legions of patients with questions galore
    Anxiously wait at the doctors front door.
    Why do I ache here, what is this pain?
    Why am I cranky with no one to blame?

    Why is my memory starting to fade?
    Everything everywhere seems to degrade.
    Bursitis, phlebitis and things without name,
    Come back to haunt me again and again.

    Should my big toe look so twisted and grey?
    The lump on my knee looks much bigger today.
    Why is my face grey, it used to be pink?
    Doctor please tell me why do my feet stink?

    What of my hair once so healthy and black
    Now it's so thin that it's something I lack.
    Angina and what's it called, something exotic
    Why can't I trade it for something erotic?

    Why are you frowning, my doctor, my friend?
    Am I approaching that close to the end?
    Is it now time my last dollar to spend?
    Cause I don't want my beastly nephews to get a single red cent, those ungrateful whelps.

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    Made me smile.