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    The Well

    It stood, a lonely sentinel beside the crumbling farmhouse.
    It lured me from my path. I had to see much more.

    I looked into the inky depths and called my name aloud.
    A lonesome echo chilled me to my core.
    My hand sought out a pebble, round and smooth
    And cast it into darkness.
    I strained to hear a sound and then a distant splash and ripple.

    At once a guilt overwhelmed me
    I thought of what I'd done.
    That simple pebble, that harmless stone
    Had lain there through the ages
    Had seen the passing sun and moon and rain
    But now was cast beneath
    No more to see the world above
    But only cold and damp and dark.

    I shivered in regret and thought I heard
    A distant voice call out my name.
    "This will be you," it said, "in some yet unknown time,
    Taken from those you know and love and cast into the depths."

    Travellers all, think well before you set your foot
    Upon the road. Be mindful of your words and deeds
    Lest harm be your reward