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  • Day Job

    with a voice of authority
    the foreman started roll call
    in that moment all jocularity
    made a pragmatic withdrawal

    each one of us waited anxiously
    to hear his name read
    for each knew that for family
    it meant more then just bread

    chosen were those up to the trial
    of the conditions and the work
    with skills honed and versatile
    who'd never been known to shirk

    of the thirty or more men
    assembled on this dawn
    the foremen only needed ten
    for me it was time to move on

    weather fair the day was young
    I had other places to try
    I never thought I'd be among
    those the term desperatewould apply

    through this despair I can't abandon goals
    I know I'll find some work today
    and if I persevere through the trials
    I may again have that steady job and pay

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    Hmmm. The perils of capitalism and hunger. Nice poem.