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  • Immigrants

    Would a family move to another country?
    Would they not hold some special memories?
    Would they not have things in common?

    Of course, they will.
    They carry their past,
    They bring their traditions.

    Where is compassion?
    Where is the sense of community?
    Why are we holding them back?

    They deserve to move forward,
    They want to follow their dreams,
    Immigrants are not criminals.

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    Maritza, thank you for composing Immigrants, and describing how they bring their past and traditions with them. My own mother was an immigrant, at a time when immigration to the U.S.A. was down to a trickle. She faced many barriers. Some natives were kind, but others made life hard for her and some were even hostile. Your poem reminds me of the obstacles she faced -- and overcame. Thank you for a clear, compelling, and well-expressed poem! Monica


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      good alternating use of the questions and their open ended (presumed) answers


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