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After I Left

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  • After I Left

    I left. Packed my bags. Squeezed
    And squashed what fit
    into my car and left.
    After thirty years.
    After four children.
    After my heart and soul had
    Shrivelled like a passionfruit
    Too long on the vine.
    I don’t know
    what I expected.
    Freedom perhaps. Relief?
    I didn’t expect the crushing,
    All encompassing pain.
    I thought I’d been through it all.
    Journeyed solo, in the course
    Of a marriage that
    Felt lopsided.
    Carried the pain like a burden.
    I expected to leave that load
    Behind with my broken
    Promises, splintered vows.
    I expected comfort. Community.
    Aren’t there dozens of tired
    Shattered, wiped-out women
    Out there? Isn’t there a family of
    Wives like me? A mish-mash connected
    by strands of kinship twisted
    from our sameness?
    But I haven’t found them.
    I feel alone. Misunderstood.
    I can’t go back.
    I don’t want to.
    What has passed has passed.
    And I will renew. I will revive.
    I will refresh.
    I just didn’t know I would still feel
    So alone.

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    Hi, LMD, I am sure you speak for many. Those who have done what you have done, those who think about doing it, those wish they had done it. I've always felt that a relationship in the hand is worth two in the bar, but some relationships are just too toxic to endure. I hope you find what you are looking for. Thanks for the heartfelt write.


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      Thank you MHenry.


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        I relate to this, LMD. You've said it so well.


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          Thank you Grant.